Feedback on driving test session (Nerves)

I came to Louise for some help the day before my driving test - I knew I would be really nervous on the day and would feel awful, and I'd heard that hypnotherapy can help. I was amazed how differently I felt after just an hour, I was genuinely calm and confident all day, even when I was waiting for the examiner to collect me in the test centre! I was amazed - thanks Louise!

NLP coaching session

NLP coaching session on job interview phobia – 2017 (Jobinterviewphobia)

Over the years I developed a real anxiety and fear over job interviews. I am usually a very confident person who doesn't experience anxiety and I never experience nerves over anything, except job interviews!! I believe this had turned into a phobia over the years and my experience of interviews was not being able to think at all. I even struggled to form sentences while in interviews, so I had no chance of answering the structured questions.  The nerves I experienced went beyond nerves. It was like I was 'scared stiff' and just mentally froze. This phobia stretched over a period of 15 ish years and never seemed to improve. I am very open minded about therapies and different interventions but also I was willing to try anything. I booked in for a session of N.L.P. with Louise a couple of days before a big interview. A lot was riding on this interview, due to restructure and loss of salary at work so it was a huge deal. I really enjoyed the session and Louise made me feel relaxed and comfortable. She took me through the process, which felt easy with her guidance. I left the session feeling positive and focused for my interview but I still had the negative experiences in my memory so I wasn't sure how the interview would go on the day but I did feel so much more confident. On the day of the interview I felt more confident but deep down I was waiting for the nerves to start kicking in and taking over as they always did...... but that never happened. I stayed focused, clear minded and confident throughout the interview, while answering all the questions. I walked out and I couldn't believe it. I was so happy and grateful to Louise for this power she seemed to have given me. I don't know how it works but I don't need to question that. I received a call later that afternoon and they offered me the job!! A very thankful client x

Anxiety and Fear

Hypnotherapy session on anxiety and fear (Hypnotherapysession)

Hypnotherapy session on anxiety and fear of the future following a relationship breakdown - 2018 After a very recent relationship breakdown I became very anxious, feeling sick and churned up all the time.  I couldn't concentrate on anything and I was affecting my day to day life. I talked this through with Louise and she said she could help. I felt very at ease with her so I was able to relax. I had one hypnotherapy session and I wasn't sure if it had worked straight after but the next day I woke up having no anxiety. Then the next day the same, no anxiety. The anxiety never came back, which meant I could carry on with moving forward in my life. Thank you Louise. Sarah.

Self doubt and low self esteem

Timeline Therapy – 2016 (TimelineTherapy)

I used to feel so cluttered up with negative emotions, and was wracked with self doubt and low self esteem, I was sick of always feeling I wasn't good enough, all these negative emotions felt such a burden, I came across NLP timeline therapy and decided to give it a go. Louise is so warm and approachable I instantly felt comfortable in her presence. She explained the process of the timeline therapy, and we had the session. The only way I can describe it afterwards is a sense of freedom, and release of all those unwanted emotions, I felt free from all that old emotional crap that id been carrying around for years. I felt renewed. If your thinking about giving it a it! Claire


Hypnotherapy – Relaxation – May 2018 (Hypnotherapy)

I struggle to relax, I’m always on the go, always needing to be doing something. I had a session of Hypnotherapy for this. It was my first time and I really didn't know what to expect. Louise explained the process which allayed my fears that I was in control. The session was wonderful, I have never felt so relaxed in my whole life. I feel really lucky to have experienced this session. Thanks so much. Alex

Substance Abuse

Substance Recovery – June 2018 (SubstanceRecovery)

Following months of drugs binges on MDMA, nitrous oxide and cocaine something in me had changed. I had developed such severe paranoia and social anxiety it was crippling to live with. I really couldn't believe what I’d done to myself. It was self inflicted, and I couldn’t believe I’d made myself this way.  With Louise’s help my life is improving massively, Im starting to live again. Thanks, John.