Weight Loss

Do you find it hard to lose weight? Would you like to try a different approach to weight loss? Then you will be pleased to hear that my weight loss approach is NOT dieting and it’s NOT calorie counting! In fact, with what you will learn, you won’t have to diet again. This programme will help you to change your emotional relationship with food. So if you want to see how this is possible and start your journey to being the size you want to be, contact me. One to one sessions for weight loss are popular, but I also offer weight loss sessions for groups. I can provide various packages to suit different budgets and group sizes. Please contact me for more info.

Sugar Aversion Therapy

This one-off hypnotherapy session works wonders if you crave sugary food. It will help you to make better choices about what your eating and put you off the sugary stuff. Get in touch if you’d like to change your relationship with the sweet treats.

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