Substance Misuse Recovery Coaching

This service can be offered via video call and “faceless” if you wish.

Do you feel you are drinking too much? Maybe you are using drugs and you feel you need some support to reduce or stop? Do you feel it’s starting to affect other areas of your life? Would you like some help to get in under control? Well Substance Recovery Coaching is a popular non-judgemental service for people who would like help to reduce their substance use, and I will coach you every step of the way do this. I will help you to identify your triggers to using, come up with personalised reduction programmes, and develop with you more helpful individual coping strategies for what life throws at you. All this can done whilst looking at the reasons why you use, and working with you around those too. You will feel the benefits both physically and mentally from being able to get things under control, and we will work together so you can plan for your success and achieve your goals and become a happier you.

I have clinical experience of working in a therapeutic drug and alcohol service delivering psychosocial interventions in an NHS & Voluntary Sector setting. I am a member of, and accredited by, the FDAP(Federation of Drug & Alcohol Practitioners), SMART (Substance Misuse and Recovery Trainer) and the RCGP (Royal College of General Practitioners).


If drink or drugs, or both are a problem to you, then allow me to coach you out of that life and into one where you’re happier and in control. I’ll give you the tools you need to achieve the life you want.

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