Inner Child Therapy/Workshops

The term Inner Child Therapy has been widely used in the psychotherapy field for many years, within us all is an Inner Child; the accumulation of all our learning experiences prior to puberty

The Inner Child is our emotional self, where our feelings are held, and we can hold unresolved emotional feelings if we have been hurt by adults in ways such as bullying, humiliation, neglect, criticism, rejection and abandonment to name a few from our childhoods. Our parents don’t have a user manual for being parents and bringing us up, so even some of the most well meaning parents can leave their children with some emotional issues. This doesn’t mean they were a bad parent; most parents are just doing the best they can at the time with what they have and some may just be following their own parents’ parenting behaviours. But some people do unfortunately experience trauma and neglect as a child, and their parents haven’t, for whatever reason, been able to protect them from this.

These sessions are not parent bashing, they focus primarily on improving your relationship with you. Inner Child work is an extremely powerful tool which frees and releases these unwanted negative emotions which can lead to lifelong unhappiness if not dealt with.

Inner child work re establishes your connection with you. The benefits of these sessions mean you will be kinder to yourself, love and trust yourself, let go of your inner critic, build healthier relationships with others and yourself, let go of blame, recover from neglect or abandonment, and being able to accept that emotional needs that were not met means you can go on with the rest of your life in a much healthier way. When that missing part, that ‘inner child’ is rescued and re-parented with everything that entails and is free to join you in being a whole, complete, psychologically, maturely functioning adult in your own right, then you can come into your birthright as a human being. You can claim your natural power and your right to calm, peace of mind, contentment and joy. You can say goodbye to feelings that you’ve taken for granted for years as being part of the human condition, feelings of being stressed, of nervousness, anxiety, of embarrassment, awkwardness, loneliness and boredom.

Inner Child work can be done on a one to one basis, or in group sessions, and I will also be proving group workshops at various locations throughout the year, so get in touch to find out more about this wonderful therapy.

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