At Revive Therapy there are lots of way
we can work together which will suit every budget.

One to one sessions:


These will be held at my private therapy room in Arnold, and I also have access to therapy rooms in various locations across Nottingham city. I offer a 30 minute telephone consultation, if then you would like to proceed with therapy I ask that you commit to 3 sessions with me, after which we will then review your progress.

Group sessions:


These can be in a community setting, or some therapies could even be arranged for a group of you and your friends such as relaxation, weight loss, confidence building. Group sessions are also available within a work setting for employers who really want to look after the well-being of their staff.

Contact me for a full list of therapies that are suitable for group sessions.


Video call sessions:


I am able to offer these mainly for people who would like Substance Recovery Coaching. They can be arranged at a mutually agreeable time and sessions can also be “faceless”, where you may remain off-camera, if you wish.

It is possible that I can also do your consultation via video call if that’s easier for you.

So if any of the above interests you, and you’d like to make an enquiry, please get in touch regarding costs. You can do this by either calling me, emailing me or Facebook messaging; whichever works for you. There’s no hard sell and I won’t hound you once you’ve been in touch, I will simply give you the information you need and cost to go away and think about, and you can then contact me when you feel ready.


Get in touch so that we can discuss what you want, and how we can work together to achieve it.

You can download some of my free documents below:

Get in touch and start the journey to a better you